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Sylarion Army Destroyed! The Sylarion Army has fled the field of battle, routed by the valiant Sir Caroth! Sir Caroth, our Hero, challenged the vile Z’Bakrr to single combat. At the cost of his own life, Sir Caroth defeated Z’Bakrr and sent the slime running (or oozing) for the foul plane from whence they came. Victory has been declared, and the League will be disbanded within days. Our correspondent with the League’s High Command will keep you up to date on all developments.

Cal 3, 847 [[A.B.]]

When Will The League Decamp? The Sylarion Army was vanquished more than a year ago and the League High Command have yet to relinquish power over the armed forces. When will Our Boys in the field come home? Reports from the West suggest that the Sylarion Remnant are low on supplies and troops and could be crushed with One Swift Blow, and yet our leaders do nothing!

In other news, reports have reached our fair city of Bel Camaroth indicating that some Sylarion forces are regrouping in L’hesh under a mysterious new commander, known only as Myseria.

Far 18, 848 [[A.B.]]


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