Thelenia – a world torn asunder by ancient prophecy, made whole by the power of sacrifice, and ready for more.

Ten years ago, an army of aberrations arrived in the skies above Thelenia without warning. Aberrations of all species poured forth from a planar gate, led by the twisted dragon warlord Z’Bakrr under the banner of Sylarion. Taken by surprise, the many kingdoms of Thelenia suffered heavy casualties before they could unite and muster a counter force. Until two years ago, Sir Caroth led the forces of the League, the united kingdoms of Thelenia, in battle against the Sylarion army.

Two years ago, Sir Caroth fought Z’Bakrr in single combat. Sir Caroth bested the dragon and closed the planar gate, though at the cost of his own life. With the gate closed, most of the Sylarion forces scattered across Thelenia. Some of them still hold cities and kingdoms in Demalon and Ksythos, two of the most populated Thelenian continents. Untold numbers roam the farther reaches of the world, unable to return home and preying on the populations of Thelenia.